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Synapse Audio DUNE v3.0.1 CE-V.RArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 CSE-V.RSonible smartEQ2 v1.0.2-R2RToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.2.3 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RRoland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series 2018.12 CE-VRArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 macOS App, au, vst ,vst3 [64 bits]-[k]offsetAbleton Live 10 Suite - Sounds Packs



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fresh releases

Samples » Kontakt
Hideaway Studio The String Collection II v1.1 KONTAKT screenshot
As with all of my Kontakt instruments, the ethos behind them is not so much an attempt to capture and recreate the past but an opportunity to present the original source material as textures, elements and building blocks in order to create something new. At the same time, hopefully some of the original beauty and character of these rare and vintage instruments and equipment will shine through.
Samples » Kontakt
Hideaway Studio The String Collection v1.01 KONTAKT screenshot
I have always had a bit of a soft spot for evocative cinematic synth strings and especially pseudo realistic string ensembles. Probably as a result I’ve almost subconsciously amassed (and sometimes restored) a small collection of historically important string synths over the years and found to my delight that they blend and layer very nicely with one another.
Samples, loops
Asonic After Hour WAV screenshot
WAV | 48 kHz / 24 bit - 557 MB
Asonic proudly presents After Hour Lo-Fi & Downtempo Electronics.
An eclectic collection of loops and one-shots, ‘After Hour’ glides seamlessly between Downtempo, deep electronica, chill-out and Dusty Organic grooves maintaining a modern polished production aesthetic.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Elektron Caught on Tape 808+909 Sound Pack for Elektron Octatrack screenshot
Sound Pack for Elektron Octatrack | 35.2 MB
The Roland TR-808 and TR-909 are classics that never will go out of style. Goldbaby has pulled out all the stops and carefully recorded these revered machines using an Ampex 351 1/2? valve 2 track tape machine. The result is warm, round and beautifully saturated analog sounds – perfect sample material for the Octatrack.
Samples » loops
Trap Life Stellar WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | December/08Th/2018 | 3.24GB
'Stellar (Sound Effects)' is an extensive mega library containing 1500 Sounds, adding up to 5.11 GB of content. Being a best-of selection of over 30 Sample Packs by TRAP LIFE, this all-round talent stands for unmatched quality.
Samples » loops
Trap Life Interstellar Volume 1 WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | December/08Th/2018 | 367MB
'Interstellar' is a Cinematic Sample Pack + Vocal Kit, loaded with a huge variety of different styles and atmospheres. Ranging from dark, enigmatic settings to mellow downtempo vibes with a futuristic edge. This is truly a powerful collection of sounds, carefully selected to fuel your production with creative Rhythms and Melodies - including 100 Vocals by Various Artists, along with 2 Full-Length Acapellas. Suitable for many different genres like Chillwave, Lo-Fi, Future Bass, Trap, Vaporwave, Hip-Hop and more.


Samples » loops
SampleScience Yamaha RX-21 HD Drum Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
Wav, 20mb
The SampleScience RX-21 HD sample pack is a free high definition sample collection of the Yamaha RX-21 drum machine sounds. The RX-21 is a mid-eighties entry-level drum machine featuring one drum kit that can also be found on other Yamaha drum machine models (among them, the Yamaha RX-11 which has been used by Aphex Twin on his latest album and also on his previous double album Drukqs).
sound effects, loops
LANDR New Loops Helium Sample Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
23.11.2018 | WAV | 23 MB

Helium by New Loops presents a sample pack of SFX sounds design reminiscent of 70s Sci-Fi.

Heavy pulsating filter sweeps escape through an airlock. A UFO’s siren slices through the night until it crashes into a field. These are the one of a kind textures your music is missing.
Samples » loops
LANDR Govales Hedonism WAV [FREE] screenshot
22.11.2018 | WAV | 23 MB
Govales brings a carnal R&B sample pack filled with raw breaths and rough beats.

Make your mix sweat with big kicks, breathy vocals, and driving synths for leads and bass.

Freaky R&B sounds from the bedroom, straight to your mix.
sound effects, loops
Ghosthack - Deep Foley Percussions WAV [free] screenshot
Wav sample pack - 27 mb
DEEP FOLEY PERCUSSIONS includes 44 royalty free deep foley percussions.

We hit metal sheets, concrete, metal barrels and an old computer monitor with various things like metal pipes and sticks.
The samples are all layered and some have a lot of transient design on.
They sound very well with some reverb, so we included a wet version as well.
sound effects, loops
Ghosthack - Neurostep WAV [free] screenshot
Wav sample pack - 150 mb
"Neurostep" features 80 free 140bpm samples and loops inspired by the futuristic Neurofunk sound.

This is the perfect package for everyone looking for some deep Neuro flavour in his Dubstep, Trap, Riddim and Hybrid productions. We created 30 key-labeled heavy modulated neuro bass one-shots and loops, ready to drop in your projects or ready for even more modulation by your favorite effect plugins. "Neurostep" also includes some crispy drum tools like 10 processed drum loops, 7 huge bassdrums, 9 hard hitting snares and 10 Hi-Hats.
Samples » loops
LANDR Sung Cosmic Sample Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
21.11.2018 | WAV | 10 MB

Cosmic by Sung Production takes you down the perfect trap wormhole.

Get dark, weighty 808s, chunky horns and orbiting vocals to fit any production. Cosmic presents an alternate universe of possibilities for your tracks. Use them wisely.
Samples » loops
LANDR Noni Wo Dissolution Sample Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
21.11.2018 | WAV | 10 MB

NONI WO’s Dissolution is a sample pack surreal enough to make your weirdest projects come to life. Notes flashing like distant constellations.

Unfamiliar kicks and hats, a guitar sparkling across the sky. Endlessly strange, but rich and colorful.
Samples » loops
Ws Pro Audio Acoustic Drum Special Mix WAV [FREE] screenshot
wav, 91mb
WNP Sounds is proud to present Acoustic Drum Special Mix. This collection of loops was created to accompany the article " Mixing a battery ." This collection consists of 4 files. You will first 16 drums pure, which means no effect. Then for the other 3 files, you will have the same drums with different effects. For a total of 64 loops 100% free, you will have what you an idea of what a drum that is not treated. Acoustic Drum Special Mix gives the advantage to mix your drum the way you want.

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