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Waves Complete v2018.12.05 Incl Emulator-R2RArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 CSE-V.Ru-he Hive CE-VRPlugin Boutique Scaler v1.6.1 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.2.3 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RRPCX Rob Papen RAW-Kick v1.0.1 CE-VRREQ: Synapse Audio - Dune 3 WiN MAC



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Late last year an article was shared with several mirrors and a note that they were "set 5% recovery record" so they could be "repaired if they are corrupted".
- How, exactly do I "repair" a "corrupted" .rar file?
The first of the three opened fine but the other two don't. I'm using Stuffit in osx1058 and I don't know of any other unrarer that's like WinRAR that's as easy in osx.

Thanks in advance. ps I dl'd from filesonic and fileserve. Both places give me the same bad results. And for forty bucks, well, you know...


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WindScribe - Free VPN Service screenshot
Good news to those of you who chose to use VPN to download, or to protect your internet-privacy.

I was able to negotiate a special deal for all members of AudioZ with one of the industry leaders - WindScribe VPN.

Read the article if you're interested, because at times like this - you should be
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a Big Special Thank You R2R screenshot
Hello People,
I would Like to take a minute and throw out A BIG SPECIALTHANK YOU to the people from R2R, for making this a month to remember and let you know that we are VERRY THANKFUL.
I won't lie if i say that R2R has helped lots of us in our creative process more than anyone else could, by giving us the opportunity to work with these awesome softwares/plug-ins!

A lot of you guys&girls showed they're love already, but I would like to give everybody the opportunity to do it in this dedicated post.

Enjoy the holiday's everybody!


guys, your comments are amazing! i'm so proud to have such great members!!!. SAiNT

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this is a message I received today from yardman:
Hey Saint, How are you doing hope all is well. Im so sick and tired of try to download stuff and everytime i try to download something its telling me "not available in your country" almost all these file sharing company you guys are using now is not working for U.S ip.
And the ones that do work is Bulletupload & Depositfiles which is extremely slow like 8kb/sec.
I am so disappointed you guys are not looking out for us U.S residents please help... thank you in advance i'll really appreciate it.....

since I'm not from U.S. and i have no idea what's going on in there, i'm asking you to share your ways of circumventing this crap.

* and don't forget that we have a special deal with SpyOFF - the Best VPN Provider
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Sick and tired of slow FileSonic speed, desperately downloading 50-50 HD-Rip for nearly whole day, i turned to our forum to find a final solution to this crap;
and thanks to members of AudioSEX, there was one.

Since i've tried MyDownloader already and it was slow even with 10 streams peer file, i decided to try the other one -

If you having slow speed, or tired of buying tons of accounts to different file sharing services, read on...
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To prevent possible comments like "pls rs links";
here's the news:
Rapidshare announced today that it will switch its current business model to a new system starting November 27, 2012.
The new system moves the file host closer to a classic hosting system, where file owners pay for storage space and traffic created by file downloads.

UPD: Added a few links to VPN's and Cloud Hostings
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I'd like to announce a new web-site which is very similar to AudioZ, but made for those who work with Video:

MultimediaZ - Professional Video Software Blog screenshot

there is a huge field behind this industry, and our analysis showed that there is no support for folks like us.

Just like AudioZ in it's time, MultimediaZ is the first dedicated resource for people who work with Video.

I hope you will support the idea and spread the word
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I have done everything in my power to frequently test all the major drum programs in various ways over the years and the Abbey kits always win out in the end for me....though I quite like the craviotto kick and the supraphonic snare in the 4 mic set up of this new EZ CLASSIC and Im sure to give em a go. BFD NEVER wins out for me so I just refuse to bother anymore....and though the ADDICTIVE kits sound sorta cool - they remind me too much of a drum machine so I barely touch would be in XLN's interest to bring something new out to match the competition....for some reason the TOONTRACK EVIL drum kits just dont seem to work for my music and Ive always been disappointed in that....but all other TOONTRACK shit is for me its Toontrack (music city, allaire, avatar, C&V, and metal)and Abbey kits!!!
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Anybody else have problems with True Pianos 1.5 (AiR)? I didn't until I upgraded Kaspersky Internet Security to 2011 and it suddenly disappeared. KIS won't let the plugin dll run, says there's something in it. Anybody know how to get KIS to turn it loose??
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Hello everyone,
I came across a UAD-1 crack a while back and I was wondering how to make it work because I found a UAD-1 card cheap and would like to unlock all the plugins if possible.

I do know that you can always keep reinstalling windows and reset the demos but that is kind of like going out of your way. unless you imaged your drive right before you activated all the demos and then keep your sessions saved to a different disk. Then re-image the drive when the demo runs out. It sucks that way because the demos are good for less than 30 days.

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